Tricks and Treats

Abbot Magic Catalog #25, 1997 I ask you – how many catalogs feature products named a “modernistic amputation?” Only catalogs for magicians, that’s what. Want to saw a lady in half? Escape from chains? Make a Ghost walk? The Abbot’s catalog will reveal all the secrets. Actually, they never reveal the secrets in the catalog … Continue reading Tricks and Treats

A Catalog of Catalogs

1993 Sears Roebuck Spring/Summer Catalog Last week, Sears announced another 60+ stores would soon be shuttered. But 25 years ago Sears seemed on top of the world. This 1993 catalog was ridiculously massive – over 1550 pages. By contrast, “War and Peace” was only 1225 pages! The index covered everything from abrasives to wrist weights. … Continue reading A Catalog of Catalogs

Personal Computers: Attack of the Clones

CompUSA catalog, summer 1993: The clones have taken over. Almost two decades after the introduction of the “Altair”, personal computers were now ubiquitous, to the point where stores sprang up to sell just but computers and software. CompUSA “the Computer Superstore” was the largest chain, explodingfrom a single Texas warehouse to well over 200 locations across the country at its peak… Continue reading Personal Computers: Attack of the Clones