“Now I’m the Life of the Party”

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  1. Hi, I work as a film archivist and am trying to identify a bunch of films that were distributed by Cine-Art, whose catalog you feature here: http://www.thecatalogblog.com/2018/08/13/in-the-days-before-netflix/

    I cannot track down any copy of this catalog besides what you posted. Do you, by any chance, have access to the complete catalog (or more than what you featured)?

    Sorry for leaving this on the wrong post, but comments aren’t enabled for the Cine-Art one.

  2. Douglas Magicland was my favorite spot as a young boy growing up in Dallas in the 1950’s and 60’s. I had the catalogue and whenever I had the chance to go downtown with my dad, I would beg him to take me to the Douglas Magicland store. On top of that, Mark Wilson came to my elementary school, Arthur Kramer, and put on a show when I was in the fifth or sixth grade. I am still keeping his book by my bedside and read parts of it two or three nights a week. It helps me relive my youth. I am now 75. I would love to have a copy of the original yellow and black catalogue.
    Terry Wood

    1. Ebay often has copies of the Douglas Magicland catalog for sale, depending on the year you want. You should be able to relive that much of your youth….I can boast thamt Mark Wilson actually came to my HOUSE, because of a business connection with my father. He was a true gentleman who was delighted to educate young fellows who also liked magic – he sat in the den with me and we tried to work out the basics of an old vanishing-block-type trick from the 40s or 50s which I’d inherited without any instructions. Needless to say, he figured out how it was supposed to be done…and he took me seriously even though I was maybe 13 years old.

      1. That is a great story. Did you live in Dallas at the time? Thanks for the reply. I did look at some for sale on Ebay, but they wanted much more than I am willing to pay. For me, it is a memory, not a collectable, and would be fun to read again and experience the same “magical” feeling I felt as a kid. By the way, I agree, Mark Wilson was a magician who always transferred the fun of magic and not the ego. I would say he was a true gentleman too.

        1. Yes, I was in Dallas, and Mark Wilson was at that time providing magical consulting services for corporations, which is why he and my father had connected. Mark also go us into the Magic Castle during a trip to Las Angeles – another dream for this boy and his father.

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